The strength of Artistry Zone in its facilities, skilled human resource and management. Following are some of the highlights –

* Experienced professionals and skilled worker
* MIS implemented at every factory facility
* All the factories have their own power generation and distribution facilities
* The quality of Crony is recognized by the international standardization authorities like ISO
* Availability of modern machinery and equipment that can cater the diverse requirements of customers

The group has all sorts of support facilities within its concerns which directly contribute to smoother execution of the orders and cost reduction considering time value of money

Add check points where demands” ensures quality production. From sourcing to packing company added its quality checkpoints in prevention basis. To give a clear concept we can mention Winding C heck, Knitting Panel Light Check, Linking quality Check, Trimming Light Check, Mending Light Check, Wash Light Check, Iron Measurement Check & getup Quality Check, Sewing Light Check, Primary Quality Check, Final Quality Check, Re-Getup Quality Check ) before poly bag) etc.

Therefore, Till today we have not received any quality calm from our buyer

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